April 5, 2011

St.Louis Discover Show with L'Oreal Professionnel

St. Louis , Missouri was full of beauty pros this past weekend as all the manufacturers displayed there new products and inspiration.

We at L'Oreal Professionnel focused on INOA and "The Journey of a Bride". Our 30 min show that was 5 times a day touched on how to help a bride through the planning of her wedding day. Topics included everything from changing her hair colour, to hosting a bridal party in the salon and making a veil for your bride.

Ryan Teal creating his signature look using an iron and kenicklon hair
 Park Avenue Brides, Provocative Brides and Fashionista Brides
 Myself , Claire and Andrew talking about the power of INOA Hair Color
   Myself and Catherine , Jaylin and Allie
 J.Thor Production Team....They make our stage , lights, sound and make us laugh too.

M.C. Andrew Bartfield getting his shine powdered 

Portfolio Artists Jaylin Youm, Ryan Teal, Jennifer MacDougall
 Lead Hairdresser for Portfolio Artists Gabi Stickar, Deannelyn Teal, Franco Chavarria

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