April 25, 2011

INOA in Milwaukee ....

Milwaukee , Wisconsin...I think the 23rd US State that I have been now. The only thing I knew about Milwaukee was the old TV show "Happy Days" and 'The Fonze"
 It's always exciting to explore in a new city.  I was flown in for a special L'Oreal Professionnel Event for Erik of Norway Salon.  The top colorists from there 2 locations were discovering the revolution of INOA hair color.
What is the benefit of using INOA in a salon ? Well just a few benefits are that there is no odor from the color, no sensitivity for the scalp and the hair is in better condition after consecutive applications of INOA.
 It really is the way of the future in hair color and no other color company has anything like it.
 Look for a salon near you that has INOA and if you are in the Milwaukee area go to Erik of Norway Salon, it is a beautiful salon with an amazing talent of hairstylists.


I stayed at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee and wow what a spot. Totally romantic and victorian. It was a nice change from the usual hotels. In the hotel lobby bar there was a beautiful atmosphere , fresh red roses on every table and a piano player named Dan that had the whole place smiling.
I played a duet with him and he sang a song for my friend Shellie making up the words as he went along. So much fun !

Dan singing to Shellie, owner  Bark, Bath and Beyond dog and cat spa in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

The beautiful blonde in the back was sipping a vodka on the rocks and always enjoys listening to Dan play the piano at The Pfister.
Now you know I had to get her to model her outfit....she was so fab !
Jean Jones, our Prestige Account Manager for L'Oreal Professionel

Myself and Shellie with "The Fonze" on the Riverfront walk...so long Milwaukee, next stop, Austin !


  1. I LOVE YOU JENN!! You are the best!
    Love, Kate

  2. Thanks Kate ! I love all my L'Oreal Adventures !