April 25, 2011

INOA in Milwaukee ....

Milwaukee , Wisconsin...I think the 23rd US State that I have been now. The only thing I knew about Milwaukee was the old TV show "Happy Days" and 'The Fonze"
 It's always exciting to explore in a new city.  I was flown in for a special L'Oreal Professionnel Event for Erik of Norway Salon.  The top colorists from there 2 locations were discovering the revolution of INOA hair color.
What is the benefit of using INOA in a salon ? Well just a few benefits are that there is no odor from the color, no sensitivity for the scalp and the hair is in better condition after consecutive applications of INOA.
 It really is the way of the future in hair color and no other color company has anything like it.
 Look for a salon near you that has INOA and if you are in the Milwaukee area go to Erik of Norway Salon, it is a beautiful salon with an amazing talent of hairstylists.


I stayed at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee and wow what a spot. Totally romantic and victorian. It was a nice change from the usual hotels. In the hotel lobby bar there was a beautiful atmosphere , fresh red roses on every table and a piano player named Dan that had the whole place smiling.
I played a duet with him and he sang a song for my friend Shellie making up the words as he went along. So much fun !

Dan singing to Shellie, owner  Bark, Bath and Beyond dog and cat spa in Two Rivers, Wisconsin

The beautiful blonde in the back was sipping a vodka on the rocks and always enjoys listening to Dan play the piano at The Pfister.
Now you know I had to get her to model her outfit....she was so fab !
Jean Jones, our Prestige Account Manager for L'Oreal Professionel

Myself and Shellie with "The Fonze" on the Riverfront walk...so long Milwaukee, next stop, Austin !

April 11, 2011

Special Event for Ratner Salons in Virginia

I am on route home from a one night first time trip to Washington and Virginia. I will for sure be going back there. It is so beautiful there....cherry blossom trees everywhere. I was only 20 minutes away from the White House and lucky for me it was open for a "Spring Garden Tour". They only open the gardens up for tours 4 times a year and I was in the right place at the right time.

150 top hairdressers from Ratner Salons (Bubbles Salon) attended our L'Oreal Event tailored just for them. We rocked out some Spring Summer Collections hair colour placement designs and wedding hairstyles as well.  This team were so eager to learn , it is a pleasure to spend time with them all.....thank you for inviting me.

Special thanks to Natalie for keeping the day running so smooth. Daphne thanks for being my right hand girl !
Thank you Maida and Jamie for assisting me with the models...and to the models ...you looked amazing, thank you for your time.

The "Locks that Rock" Competition that I mentioned is linked below the entry date is extended....so I want to see your entries !!!

All the rules and info is listed on the website....you could win a trip to Las Vegas for the Bill Boards Music Awards, pretty sweet !

                                                                                                                                                                       Click here for how to enter this contest !

For those of you in the class that took pictures please join my facebook page "Jennifer MacDougall Beauty" and feel free to put some up. I am happy to answer any of your questions....I am only a message away.

All the best to you, my day was 110% today because of u xoxo,


                                                                        The Ratner Team

Thank you Nicci for getting us all organized for this picture ! Tight squeeze !

 Front door of the White House....I would have loved a peek inside !
The beautiful "Rose Garden"

April 5, 2011

St.Louis Discover Show with L'Oreal Professionnel

St. Louis , Missouri was full of beauty pros this past weekend as all the manufacturers displayed there new products and inspiration.

We at L'Oreal Professionnel focused on INOA and "The Journey of a Bride". Our 30 min show that was 5 times a day touched on how to help a bride through the planning of her wedding day. Topics included everything from changing her hair colour, to hosting a bridal party in the salon and making a veil for your bride.

Ryan Teal creating his signature look using an iron and kenicklon hair
 Park Avenue Brides, Provocative Brides and Fashionista Brides
 Myself , Claire and Andrew talking about the power of INOA Hair Color
   Myself and Catherine , Jaylin and Allie
 J.Thor Production Team....They make our stage , lights, sound and make us laugh too.

M.C. Andrew Bartfield getting his shine powdered 

Portfolio Artists Jaylin Youm, Ryan Teal, Jennifer MacDougall
 Lead Hairdresser for Portfolio Artists Gabi Stickar, Deannelyn Teal, Franco Chavarria

April 1, 2011


Elle Canada Magazine is showing the top trends on the streets and runways for Spring and Summer...of course we are using the new revolution in hair color L'Oreal Professionnel's INOA.

Look for a INOA Salon in your city and ask your hairdresser for these beautiful trends.