March 23, 2011

L.A.M.B. and L'Oreal VIP EVENT

We love that Gwen Stefani is our spokesperson, she is super talented and beautifully represents our company...NO DOUBT.

  Her latest runway L.A.M.B. Collection from NYC Fashion Week is now touring the USA with the top L'Oreal Professionnel Portfolio Artist's recreating the looks from the runways of L.AM.B.
This event was held for 200 VIP Salon Owners in the New York and New Jersey area so they could be part of what's new with INOA, L'Oreal's new revolutionary oil delivery system. All of the models were coloured with INOA and were styled with Texture Expert.

Just Salon opened their doors for us to prepare our models for the event and wow....what a beautiful salon ! If you live in the Milburn , New Jersey area, you MUST go here to get the special treatment you deserve.

We met so many great hairdressers here....thanks for coming and enjoy the behind the scenes pics and the VIP L.A.M.B. Event night !

L'Oreal Team, Theresa Adams, Christie Jordan Forgal, Me, Jessica Todd and Kelly

Kate adding the accessories to our Buffalo Girl

7 Minutes before we leave for the show location...tag team hairdo !

Sharing the INOA love with all.....

Creating an inspired look for the Buffalo Girl using Texture Expert. This model was coloured with INOA 9.12 and 10 N.

Can't work without our Texture Expert ! 
Kelly doing her makeup magic....
Amanda , Alma, Karen, Michelle and Kathleen .....Krimping like crazy.
Thanks Sal for all your help

Prepping before the show at JUST SALON
Snip, snip....I think our model would be paying more attention if this was her real hair

Our beautiful INOA 7.43 Buffalo Girl

Love to use the new 10 vol INOA with 4N and 5.35 accent

Thank you JUST SALON Team for inviting us to your salon for our model prep !!!

Prepping the Buffalo Girl's chignon 

Side shot of the onstage Buffalo Girl


  1. Awesome show!!!! Wish i could have been there! :-)

  2. Thanks E.C. it was a fun show to do....we have 2 more like these in other US City's coming up ! Charlotte is one of them !