December 5, 2010

Step by Step : Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are sultry and mysterious. Follow these step by steps to achieve this look.

 Choose eyeshadows and eye liners in greys,violets, browns or soft black. First apply a light base coat of concealer on the eyelid to even the skin. Next apply eyeliner in and along the lash line of top and bottom, a little thicker in the middle.
The trick is to blend everything well to achieve a smokey effect. Using a small rounded brush smoke your darkest shade over the liner working your way up blending the color upwards. Smoke the same shade under the eye. In the crease you can use your medium shade. I like to use a bronze or gold. Apply a light skin color shadow under the brow. Then add mascara. If you want a more dramatic smokey eye line the inside of the eye top and bottom and add false eyelashes.
Because there can be a lot of fallen eyeshadow lying on the under eye...apply foundation last. Take a makeup wipe when your smokey eye is complete and clean away fallen shadow and apply foundation then.
My fav makeup palette for Smokey Eyes right now is the MAC HOLIDAY KIT.

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